NJ HELIUM is your reliable, friendly supplier of helium in New Jersey. We are a privately owned helium distributorship that offers prompt helium delivery service to customers in New Jersey and beyond. We maintain our own inventory of gases, which means we will always meet your supply needs!

We are New Jersey’s most dependable helium supplier. Our clients range from large to small - global medical and pharmaceutical companies, defense industry leaders, and local businesses throughout New Jersey all know and trust our services. We invite you to join them.

Our business is centered on our clients needs and fulfilling them on time, without complications at a competitive rate. We understand that as a supplier of your helium that we are an extention of your business and therefore a critical component to your success. We take this seriously.

Quality of the gas, price, and reliability are all factors in any supplier you choose and we take pride in our ability to exceed your expectations on all fronts. If your account has "special needs", we will do everything in our power to meet those as well.

We are an environmentally conscious company and we offer state-of-the-art quality control. Let us fulfill your helium needs at a higher level! Contact us today!

Helium has many uses, from MRI scanners to deep-sea diving tanks to party balloons, and can be delivered in both gas and liquid form.

If you currently have a provider of helium and you are considering making the switch, we will do our best to make the transition smooth and stress free.

Whatever your particular use, whether business or pleasure, we can provide the helium you need, when you need it.
Common Uses For Helium:
Arc Welding Blimps
Superconductors Liquid Fuel Rockets
Semiconductor Manufacturing Toy Balloons
Cooling of Nuclear Reactors MRI Cooling
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